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      Acting Chief of Jiading District Gao Xiang visited SMCH


      On the afternoon of Aug.20, 2020, Gao Xiang, Deputy Sectary of the CPC Party Committee of Jiading District and Acting Chief of Jiading District Government, visited Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital(henceforth SMCH). In addition to  Gao Xiang, the other visitors include Lu Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Party Committee of Anting Town, and Xiang Ping, Chief of Anting Town Government. Qian Qijun, CEO of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group(henceforth SCTG), Ding Na, COO of SCTG, and Wan Renhua, Executive Director of SMCH, ushered the guests for their visiting. 

      Accompanied by the leaders of SCTG and SMCH, the guests firstly visited the Baize Medical Laboratory and Cell Bank in the R & D building of SCTG. And then they moved to SMCH visiting the Nobel-Laureate Wall (on which all laureates’ images who have signed cooperation contracts with SCTG are showed), Culture Showroom and the Department of Medical Images & Nuclear and so on. 

      Gao enthusiastically applauded the innovation on technological research and development and conception of diagnosis and treatment of SCTG and SMCH.

      Meanwhile, Gao also expressed her positive attitude to the hospital. SMCH, as a research-oriented Grade 3A cancer hospital, boasts unique features, novel conception and the first-class equipment, facilities and staff. To local people or the government of Jiading District, the meaning of its establishment is more than one more healthcare institute in the district, but an innovative technological conception and a whole new diagnosis and treatment way for cancer. It’s her hope that SMCH will tap the technology advantages of SCTG to relentlessly enhance its diagnosis and treatment and services; thereafter more cancer patients will be benefited. 

      In recent years, the government of Jiading District has been carrying out industrial restructuring and reform. The government has endeavored to gradually transform its original development model, which is mainly based on the auto industry, to the key emerging industries, especially the big healthcare industry. By positively setting up the industry zone with favorable policy for precision medicine, it has tried to facilitate the development of big healthcare industry in same pace with that of auto industry; thereafter the “two-propeller-economic-development” will come into being. As an important component of Jiading Precision Medical and Health Industry Zone, SMCH will pursue strict self-discipline and endeavor to build a cancer hospital adhering to its principle of three-goal services -- to let patients feel comfortable, to assure the people and government for its medical services, and to help patients restore confidence to fight against illness. 

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