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      The Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Dai Kerong visited SMCH

      Dai Kerong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,  visited Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital(henceforth SMCH) on the afternoon of Sept.4, 2020. In addition to Mr Dai, the visitors also include Lu Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Party Committee of Anting Town, and Hao Yongqiang, a professor of the Ninth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Mr Cheng Chuanmiao, Vice President of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group(henceforth SCTG) and Director of SMCH, ushered the guests for visiting in person.

      Guided by Mr Cheng, Academician Dai and other guests visited the R&D Building of SCTG and SMCH. 

      Dai positively appraised the Baize Plan of SCTG, the breakthrough in technology of nano-antibody research and development and non-viral vector transfection, and the construction of the trinity closed-loop industry chain of “excellence in cell storage, cell therapy research and development, and clinical transformation of cell therapy”. Meanwhile, he also enthusiastically applauded the development methods of SMCH such as building a hospital with a novel concept as research cancer hospital, cooperating with Shanghai University to become its affiliated hospital, and insisting on integration of original technology breakthrough with requirements of medicine, teaching and research. 

      At the end of visiting, Mr Cheng said that it is pretty important for cancer patients that we break through in the existing diagnosis and treatment technology for cancer and innovate it. We believe that the diagnosis and treatment of cancer will enter a new era as the development of the cell immunotherapy technology. 

      Henceforth SCTG and SMCH will go to their great length to break through in the R & D of the cell immunotherapy technology and its clinical transformation; thereafter we will make contribution to health of more patients and people. 

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