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      Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital

        Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital(henceforth SMCH) is a subsidiary of Shanghai Cell Therapy Group (henceforth SCTG) and an affiliated hospital to Shanghai University. SCTG enjoys its mission that “Let cells change the longevity and abundance of life.”. SCTG devotes itself to deeply integrating cellular medicine, cellular health and cellular therapy, researches and develops the world-class technology and products of cellular therapy which is affordable to patients. The goal of SCTG is to ultimately realize the “Baize Plan”: in the next decade, 60% of cancer patients will have their tumors faded, 60% of the population will be able to afford cellular therapy technology; in the next 30 years, people will live healthier and happier to natural lifespan.  

        SMCH, located at 118 Qianyang Road, Anting Town, is a research-oriented Grade 3A cancer hospital with 410 beds, which is the key unit of Shanghai "5 + X" Health Care Service Park and Jiading Precision Medical and Health Industry Zone. The hospital consists of departments of Surgical Oncology、Oncology Internal Medicine、Gynecological Oncology、Hematology Oncology、Radiation Oncology Center of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine、Endoscopy, Nutritionology and others. It is equipped with a number of world first-class equipment such as Vital Beam Stereotactic Radiosurgery Linear Accelerator,Discovery710 PET-CT, 3.0T Silent MRI, Real-time 4D 320 Slice CT, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) and others.  

        SMCH carries with academician Wu Mengchao's dedication and benevolence, which can be symbolized by 2 “boldly” and 2 “always”-- boldly explore something undiscovered, boldly stick to innovation, always be motivated and always be courageously first. With academicians of the two Academies as leading experts, SMCH has attracted numerous research-oriented doctors from home and abroad. It applies personalized and precise treatment for each cancer patient in the mode of multi-disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment.  

        Adhering to the principle of “Righteousness and Innovation, Taking Good Care of Healthiness”, in an endeavor to help patients feel comfortable, trustful and confident, SMCH’s goals is to evolve itself into a world-class hub consisting of center  of precision medicine, research cancer hospital for immunotherapy, center of precision anti-aging, clinical trial center of cellular therapy, clinical transformation center and academic exchange platform. 

        World-class center of precision medicine

        World-class “Immunotherapy+” research-based cancer hospital 

        World-class center of precision anti-aging

        World-class clinical trial center of cellular therapy

        World-class clinical transformation center of cellular therapy

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