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      By bus
      Shanghai Public Transit operates bus service covering us by Route 102 of Jiading District at the stop of Yuanguo Road/Qianyang Road.
      By metro
      Shanghai Metro will not take you directly to us, but it will get you within 30 minutes’ shuttle ride. Its service includes a scheduled stop at Shanghai International Circuit, where a connecting shuttle bus (Route 102 of Jiading District) provides transportation to us at the stop of Yuanguo Road/Qianyang Road. Or you may take taxi at the metro stop.
      By train
      The closest CRH (China Railway High-speed) stop is 2.8 km away at Antingbei Railway Station. From there, you may get a taxi to us.
      By taxi
      Depart Shanghai Pudong Airport   85km   nearly a 85-minute ride
      Depart Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station/Airport   35km   nearly a 35-minute ride
      Depart Shanghai Railway Station   40km   nearly a 48-minute ride
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